Our Story

Brookside Big Local is a National Lottery funded community group. In 2015 Brookside was one of 150 areas chosen to receive £1Million of funding for residents to spend on projects that mean the most to them.We have been running successfully for 4 years. Listening to and acting upon what local people want to see. Some of the most important projects we have funded have been;

Helping to Save Brookside Central from closure. Brookside Central was earmarked for closure, luckily Brookside Big Local were able to step in and offer a substantial figure of £141,000 to ensure that the community centre remained open and accessible for any of the community who needed it. Without this funding, Brookside Central would most definitely have been forced to close its doors. We also helped to identify legal structures and set up the charity that now runs the community centre, Brookside Central CIO.

Supporting A Better Tomorrow CIC to have an active presence within Brookside. To do this we have purchased a house for the project to run from. This investment will bring money back into Brookside over a 10 year period.

Commissioning Zero Waste in a Box to find out what our biggest issues around waste management are within the estate. A feasibility study was carried out bringing 10 new and innovative, fully costed projects to the table. We will be focusing on these projects over the coming 2 year period.

Installing an Outdoor Gym to boost healthy lifestyles across Brookside. This gym was the brainchild of one resident who was fed up of having to pay over the odds to keep fit at local gyms. More recently, a group of residents undertook training to help increase the use of the outdoor gym by offering peer led training sessions.